Creating Runners’ Wings

PHOTO: Janelle Muletz

Last year, I stopped working fulltime to take Molly to Texas for 6 weeks to participate in a stem cell trial and intensive therapy. We had some amazing mother daughter time and discussed that over the next year we would research options on creating a next chapter for her and I to enjoy together and give back to the community. While I explored and discussed three different ideas in great detail with Molly (and big sis, Maddie, who is running professionally for Brooks now), we landed on starting up a small business in downtown Frostburg called Runners’ Wings, a specialty running and fitness store.

Touching everything on our important list: Family and Friends, Fitness and Running, Art and Creating, Community and Faith.
…Our journey has ironically led to Us Showing You Shoes!

Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come….

Runners’ Wings
Stay Fit! Don’t Quit!

  • Online store opens Nov 22, 2022 to support holiday shopping!
  • 2 week pop-up store, for Shop Local Saturday and Storybook Holiday (Nov 25-26; Dec 1-4) in future retail space at 18 E Main Street, Suite 1, Frostburg, MD.
  • Brick and Mortar Storefront opens February 2023.


People have limited options to locally find and purchase appropriate footwear, athletic apparel and accessories for running, jogging, being on their feet all day, or hiking. They have even more limited options on anyone fitting them or addressing their personal needs.
(There is no running store from Frederick, MD to Morgantown, WV).


Work to make a positive impact in a rural area through the love of running and exercise. Honor the immense potential we each contain to improve the health and well-being of those around us. Everyone who wants to run, walk, or stay fit can locally purchase the best shoes to exercise. We will bring footwear, athletic apparel and accessories to individuals and teams. We will increase awareness of the importance of proper footwear for everyone including walkers and those with disabilities. We will sponsor local events, teams, and offer opportunities to get out and run or walk in groups. And have fun with Custom items and gifts!

Most of all, we hope to become a partner and inspiration to people’s Fitness Journey!

-Sincerely, Laura Byrnes

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