Find Your Perfect Shoes

When you come to Runners’ Wings for shoes, we are happy to perform a gait analysis on your feet and stride to find the best shoes for you! Some people are already set with the shoes they love and know works best for them, but many of us need assistance and we hope to provide that breath of fresh air!

Here’s how it works:

  • We will ask you to take off your shoes, so that we can look at your feet standing without support. We’ll ask you to walking towards and away from us so we can watch what goes on with your gait. We’ll be looking to see if you have a neutral stride or over-pronate slightly, moderately, or severely.
  • We will also ask what your intentions are for the use of the shoes…..standing at work all day, racing in your next marathon, cross-training, etc…. And if you have had any shoes you have loved in the past.
  • If you have had any issues such as plantar fascists, ankle surgery, bunions, etc….please let us know!
  • We may also measure one of your feet for length and width, if your size is unknown.

The best running shoe brand is the one that works best for you.

All of our shoe brands use premium materials to design comfortable, high-quality shoes. But deciding which shoe to get depends on a lot of factors. Your foot shape, foot size, weight, arch, ailments can make one brand work better for you than another. Same with your training, experience level, intended use and goals. But ultimately, they have to be comfortable to you. So try them on! (:

We are here to help!

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