In creating Runners’ Wings, I honor my daughters and our community!

Running has been a big part of my life and my daughters’, Maddie and Molly Offstein, teaching us so many lessons throughout different stages of our lives. We have always sought out running stores over the years and want to bring that local gift to our area and beyond, inspiring those to run/walk/wheel their path, regardless of the obstacles thrown their way!

In creating Runners’ Wings, I honor my girls, and give Molly, my younger daughter who suffered a catastrophic accident while running at college, an outlet to continue to participate in the sport we love. She is truly a miracle and both are making big impacts on others!

Fueled by “Sister Magic,” Molly and Maddie Offstein Remain Unstoppable

The mission of Runners’ Wings is to make a positive contribution to our rural area through the love of running and exercise. We believe in the immense potential that we each individually and collectively contain to improve the health and well-being of those around us. Everyone who wants to run, walk, or stay fit can locally (or online) purchase the best shoes to exercise. We will bring footwear, athletic apparel, and accessories to individuals and teams. We will increase awareness of the importance of proper footwear for everyone including walkers and those with disabilities. And we will have fun showcasing how wonderful it is to live, hike, run, and explore Mountain Maryland!

My husband, Keith, and I cannot thank Western Maryland and the greater running communities enough for rallying behind Molly and our family during our darkest hours. Our journey has ironically led to Us Showing You Shoes!

Molly will enjoy participating in the store and incorporating her artwork and positivity. Maddie has begun her professional running career with Brooks in Rochester, Michigan with the Hanson-Brooks Distance Project.

We look forward to Runners’ Wings serving as a partner in your fitness journey.
We hope to inspire as many people as we can to Stay Fit, NEVER QUIT!
And for all who lace up to run, with Determination, Positivity, and Heart…
Run Because You Love It!

Sincerely, Laura Byrnes

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